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Couverture Chocolate
Couverture Chocolate

There are many reasons why Callebaut is called the Finest Belgian Chocolate. For more
than a century, the Callebaut people have been making chocolate to be proud of in the
heart of Belgium. To achieve this, they go to great lengths, as far as the equator. Callebaut
is one of the few chocolate makers that selects its cacao beans itself. Through close
collaborations with the cocoa growers, we get access to the best cocoa beans for every
single of our chocolate recipes.

We’re proud too to roast the cocoa beans ourselves – well protected in their shell. To let
all the subtleties of each cocoa bean variety come out. It yields a more intense, more
complex and deeper cocoa flavour. A flavour that you will recognize in every classic
Callebaut couverture chocolate. We complement it with 100% natural ingredients. Sugar,
premium milk and of course: natural Bourbon Vanilla. It accentuates the roundness, the
sweetness and the creaminess of our chocolates.

From cocoa bean to chocolate: Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolates are 100% produced in Belgium.



Callebaut offers a wide choice of taste sensations in dark, milk and white chocolate, ranging from extra bitter to sweet.

Each recipe is unique and is produced with blends of premium grades of cocoa beans from the world’s best harvests.

Furthermore Callebaut only uses 100% pure cocoa butter and a dash of natural Bourbon vanilla that rounds off the taste with a slight sweet hint.


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At our gourmet delicatessen.

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