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Australian Made

Fight Back Shelf Talker Program makes buying 'Australian made and owned products easier!

When you see one of these "Shelf Talkers" in front of a product in your friendly, local IGA supermarket, you are assured that the store continues to range your favourite Aussie Owned brands, and the supermarket is also Australian Owned.

Australian farmers, and fruit and vegetable growers are finding it hard to compete with the low cost imports coming in from overseas. Many countries actually subsidise their rural exports, and because of this our producers are dis-advantaged, and simply can't compete with the low labour cost countries of Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Many major multi-national brands are importing products from their low cost factories, and because of this it's costing precious Australian jobs. We need the certainty that in the future there will be jobs for all Australians! When you buy Australian Owned brands it is far better as the profits, and jobs stay here.


Local companies and employees pay their taxes here in Australia. Many multi-national corporations operating in Australia pay little or no income taxes at all.

Fight Back, and our participating retailers acknowledge that there are some cases where Australian owned brands contain products that cannot be sourced in Australia, e.g. Spanish stuffed olives, gherkins, spices, and Turkish style apricots. Approximately ninety seven percent of all Australian owned products are Australian made as well. Recently 'Channel 7's Today Tonight' program revealed that the major supermarket chains are ranging a 'two or three tier' system of generic products. Some of these products have since been released and many of their offerings are 'fully Imported', and will cost tens of thousands of Australian manufacturing industry, and retailing jobs.

Support Aussie farmers, and fruit and vegetable growers, Australian Owned grocery brands, and your locally owned IGA supermarket. Simply support your favourite 'Aussie Owned, or Grown products.'

Look for the Fight Back Shelf Talkers instore.

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